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A single payment of £18
Instant online setup
Choose up to 5 test centres, anywhere in the UK
Tell us when you want to take your next test
We search every few minutes
An earlier driving test or your money back
Last minute and short notice tests
Notifications by text, app and email
If you want, we can even book a test that matches your preferences without waiting for you to confirm it - really useful if you can't respond to our notifications
Unlimited test changes - we'll keep looking until you're happy
We'll find you unlimited driving test cancellations until you pass

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can! Sign-up with us, enter your preferences for where and when you want your test, then sit back and wait for us to notify you of an earlier test.
Yes, we can! You need to book your test with the DVSA, then come back here to sign-up with us, enter your preferences for where and when you would like us to change your test to, then sit back and wait for us to notify you of something sooner.
Very likely, we find tests for almost all of our customers and we'll refund your payment if we're unable to find you a test. There's no software to download and we notify you by text and email every time we find a test you may be interested in - if you see a test you like just reply with 'book' and your test will be changed!
No, the DVSA do not have a cancellations list and the DVSA telephone operators see exactly the same test availability as you do if you use the DVSA online booking site - they cannot search for cancellations.
You can certainly try but you'll need to spend a lot of time logging into the DVSA site to see if suitable slots are available - cancellations tend to be snapped up very quickly which is why our service is so useful.

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