A driving test cancellation checker that searches, finds and books unlimited driving test cancellations

You get unlimited driving test cancellation searches, offers and driving test changes until you take your next driving test.

What we offer to find Practical Driving Test Cancellations for you!



A suitable practical driving test cancellation date or your money back

We will find you an earlier driving test date. If we can't find you a suitable date we'll refund your money.

Unlimited use

You'll get UNLIMITED cancellations for UNLIMITED changes until your next test.

One payment

There are no hidden or ongoing fees. You will only make one payment of £20.00.

We search the DVSA test database every few minutes

We find early test dates for almost all of our customers - if we don't, we refund their money in full!

Text message and email notifications

Every time we find you a suitable date we will send you a text message and an email. If you like the date, reply with 'Book'.

Multiple test centres

You can choose up to 5 test centres for us to search for earlier test dates at.

Sign up over the phone

Have any questions or want to sign up over the phone? Call 01206 625801 and speak to one of our friendly support team.

Save time and money

Searching for earlier tests can be time consuming and often impossible if you are at work, school, college or uni. If we change your test to an earlier date we could save you loads in driving lesson costs.

As much support as you need

Our support team are on hand to help you with any questions you have.

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NATIONAL SPEED LIMIT 🚗 The National Speed Limit for cars and motorcycles on: ✔️ Single carriageway roads is 60mph ✔️ Dual carriageway roads is 70mph Are you ready to take your driving test? Find driving test dates below 👇 https://t.co/CDVxtKJGrj https://t.co/gAPz1QUDIr
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What should you do when approaching a tunnel ❓ ✔️ Switch on dipped headlights ✔️ Observe road signals and signs ✔️ Keep appropriate separation distances ✔️ Take off sunglasses Are you looking for an earlier driving test? 👇 https://t.co/YHTdAAHzuv #findadrivingtest https://t.co/XteljlJTyc
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