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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions - Hope it helps!

1. How does our service work?
A. We find earlier practical driving and riding test dates for the car and motorcycle practical tests. Our test cancellation finder can be accessed over the internet 24/7, so as long as you have internet access you will be able to update your details and change your test preferences. We search the DVSA test database every few minutes looking for earlier test dates for you. As soon as we have found a test date and time that matches your preferences, we will notify you. You will then have approximately 12 minutes to decide whether to ask us to book the test for you or not.
2. What do I need to do before using this service?
A. All you need to do is book your practical test with the DVSA. You can do this by going to https://www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test.
3. Do I need to install any software on my computer?
A. No. This is an online service and you only need the internet to access it.
4. I only have a smartphone and tablet; can I still use your test cancellation finder?
A. Yes. Our service is available on a desktop computer, netbook, laptop, smartphone (such as an iPhone or Android phone) and a tablet (such as an iPad).
5. Will you be able to find me an earlier test date?
A. We cannot guarantee finding you an earlier test date, however we are likely to do so. If we cannot find you an earlier test date, we will provide you with a full refund (terms apply).
6. How will you notify me if an earlier test is available?
A. As soon as we find a date and time that matches your preferences, we will send you email and text notifications. If you like the date and time of the test, all you need to do is reply with ‘book’ and we will book you that test. If the test is unsuitable, just ignore the text message and email and we will keep looking for suitable tests for you.
7. Okay, but how do I set up text message and email notifications?
A. This will automatically be set up for you when you sign up to our service.
8. If I fail my test, do I need to pay again?
A. No. You can use our cancellation finder until you have passed your practical driving or riding test.
9. How many times can I change my practical driving or riding test?
A. The DVSA (the people who set the tests) allows you to change your practical test 6 times. After the sixth change you must cancel your test and make a new booking if you need to make more changes. This does not cost you anything as your original test fee will be refunded by the DVSA. Once you've booked your new test, come back here and setup a new set of preferences.
10. I want to cancel my practical test, can I do this?
A. Yes, but you need to allow up to 3 clear working days (not including weekends or Bank Holidays) if you wish to receive a full refund from the DVSA. For example, if your practical test is on a Friday you would need to cancel your test by the previous Monday. You can cancel your test by going to https://www.gov.uk/cancel-practical-driving-test.
11. Where can I find my driving licence number?
A. Your licence number can be found on your provisional licence photo card. Your licence starts with the first 4 or 5 letters of your surname. We will need your licence number to search for earlier test dates for you.
12. When can I rebook my next practical test if I fail?
A. If you fail your test you will need to wait 10 working days until you can take your next test.
13. What do I need to take to my practical test?
A. You need to take your theory test certificate and your photo card driving licence.
14. I’ve lost my theory test certificate, what do I need to do?
A. You need to contact the DVSA as soon as possible. The DVSA will not provide you with a replacement theory test certificate but they will send you your certificate number by letter. You can contact the DVSA on 0300 200 1122 or by emailing them at customercare@pearson.com.
15. I passed my theory test 1 year ago; can I still take my practical test?
A. Yes. Your theory test certificate lasts for 2 years from the date you passed your theory test. If you do not pass your practical test within 2 years of passing your theory test, you will need to take your theory test again.
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