What happens if your driving test is cancelled or there is bad weather

Your driving test can be cancelled by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) for many reasons, including bad weather conditions. There is a greater chance of your driving test being cancelled due to bad weather when there is heavy snow or icy roads.
There are other reasons the DVSA may cancel your driving test. You may need to cancel your driving test too. This article explains the common reasons why driving tests are cancelled and how you can change your driving test if your test cannot go ahead.

When should I call the test centre to find out if my driving test has been cancelled because of bad weather?

Your driving test may be cancelled because of dangerous weather conditions, such as icy roads and heavy snow. Your test may also be cancelled if there are floods, or because of high winds or thick fog.
You should call your practical test centre in the morning on the day of your test if there is bad weather or if it is forecast.
You will find the phone number for your local driving test centre on your test confirmation email.

What happens if my driving test is cancelled due to bad weather?

The DVSA will automatically book you a new driving test date if your test is cancelled because of bad weather. You will not be able to claim for any out-of-pocket expenses, however.
Your new test date is normally emailed to you within 3 working days, but it can take up to 7 days if there is frequent bad weather.
You can find an earlier driving test using our 5-star driving test cancellation finder if your new test date is unsuitable.

Will the DVSA change my driving test if it is cancelled for something other than bad weather?

Yes. The DVSA may need to cancel your driving test for reasons other than bad weather. For example, if the examiner is not feeling well or if the test centre is closed.
You will be automatically resent a new test date in this situation. You can apply to get a refund of any out-of-pocket expenses, but only if the DVSA cancelled your driving test at short notice.
You can change your driving test to an earlier date using our 5-star driving test cancellation finder if you need driving test cancellations.

How do I cancel my driving test?

You will need to contact the DVSA to cancel your driving test. You can only get a refund from the DVSA if you cancel your driving test at least 3 clear working days before the day of your test. For example, you will need to cancel your test on a Monday if your driving test is on a Friday.
You will need to book and pay for another driving test if you cancel within 3 clear working days of your driving test - even if you cancel on the morning of your test because you are unwell, or there are problems with your car.

How do I change my driving test to an earlier date?

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