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How to Find Theory Test Cancellations

Are you ready to pass your theory test but can't find an earlier theory test date for weeks or months? Maybe you want to change your theory test to an earlier date because you want to take the test as soon as possible but don't have time to search for theory test cancellations yourself? We can help.

You can find theory test cancellations with our theory test cancellation checker. It is the easiest and quickest way to find an earlier theory test and change your theory test date.

How our Theory Test Cancellation Checker can help

The DVSA does not have a theory test waiting list and searching for theory test cancellations yourself takes time.

Our theory test cancellation finder saves you time, stress and money - you need to pass your theory test before you can book your practical driving test.

We'll find you as many earlier theory test cancellations as you need until you pass your driving theory test. And you'll get your money back if we don't find you a suitable test.

Find Theory Test Waiting Times at your Theory Test Centre

Looking for theory test waiting times?

Here you can find the waiting times for every driving theory test centre in England, Scotland and Wales.

Select a theory test centre:

Want an earlier theory test? No problem. Our theory test cancellation checker searches DVSA theory test centres every 5 minutes and we can change your theory test as many times as you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Theory Test Cancellations

Yes. You can cancel your theory test or change your theory test for free on the DVSA website. However, finding theory test cancellations yourself can take a long time. Our theory test cancellation checker saves you time and money, and it's easy to use. It finds you earlier theory tests and changes your theory test without you needing to search yourself.
The DVSA does not have a cancellation list for the theory test and the waiting times differ between theory test centres. Our driving theory test cancellation finder is very useful because it can find you short notice theory test cancellation slots by regularly searching the DVSA website.

Yes. Our service can get you unlimited theory test cancellations until you pass your theory test.

Theory test cancellation slots can appear at any time the DVSA website can be used. We will search every 5 minutes and notify you as soon as we find a theory test that matches your availability and theory test centre choices.

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