Ashfield Driving Test Centre

You must book and pass the practical driving test before you can get your full UK driving licence. You can book your driving test appointment at the Ashfield driving test centre as well as any DVSA driving test centre in England, Scotland and Wales

Want to pass your driving test at the Ashfield driving test centre?

Whether you've already booked your DVSA practical driving test at the Ashfield driving test centre, trying to find out more about your nearest driving test centre, or you can't find any available driving test dates, this handy guide gives you everything you need to know.

How to get a driving test cancellation at the Ashfield driving test centre

Do you need an earlier driving test but you can't find any driving test cancellations at the Ashfield driving test centre?

You're not alone. Getting a driving test cancellation can be hard, but our driving test cancellation checker searches for available driving test dates thousands of times a day and can find unlimited driving test cancellations until your next test. And we'll refund your money if we can't find you a suitable driving test at the Ashfield driving test centre.

Ashfield Driving Test Centre Information

Ashfield Driving Test Centre Address

Ashfield Driving Test Centre, Ground Floor, Sherwood House, Off Coxmoor Road NG17 5LA

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Ashfield Driving Test Centre Contact Details

There is no direct telephone number for the Ashfield driving test centre.

There is no direct email address for the Ashfield driving test centre.

Driving Test Availability at the Ashfield Driving Test Centre

How to book driving tests at the Ashfield driving test centre

Want to book and pass your driving test at the Ashfield driving test centre? Maybe you need a driving test fast because you've recently failed and can't rebook your driving test for months? Whatever your reason for booking a driving test appointment, finding a suitable driving test can take time and patience, especially with the DVSA driving test backlog. But we can help! Our driving test cancellation checker can find you earlier driving tests and book you driving test cancellations without you having to search.

You must first book or rebook your driving test directly with the DVSA. Our driving test cancellation app can then find you driving test cancellations that match your availability and driving test centre preferences. We can even automatically change driving tests for you.

Don't want to book your DVSA driving test at the Ashfield driving test centre?

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How to find available driving test dates at the Ashfield driving test centre

Can't find any available driving test dates at the Ashfield driving test centre? No problem. Driving Test Cancellations 4 All searches for cancellation driving tests at up to 5 of your chosen DVSA driving test centres and notifies you as soon as we find available driving test dates you can make. Sound good? Book your driving test for any date with the DVSA and then get driving test cancellations on our website.

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Common Practical Driving Test Questions

The car driving test costs £62 if taken on a weekday and £75 for an evening, weekend and bank holiday driving test. Driving tests taken on a weekday after 16:30 are classed as evening tests.

You'll drive for about 40 minutes during the DVSA practical driving test, and 70 minutes if you're taking an extended driving test. The driving test is made up of 5 parts, including an eyesight check and 'show me, tell me' driving test questions. You must also demonstrate general driving, independent driving and a reversing manoeuvre.

Less than 50% of learner drivers pass the DVSA practical driving test. Make sure you're ready to pass before you book your driving test. Are you ready to pass but need an earlier driving test? Find driving test cancellations now.

You can get up to 15 minors and still pass your driving test. However, you will fail your driving test if you make at least one serious or dangerous fault.

You must take your driving test at any DVSA driving test in England, Scotland and Wales. Find your nearest DVSA driving test centre now.

Yes, you can rebook your driving test with the DVSA, but you must wait at least ten working days before taking your next test. Our driving test cancellation checker can start searching for earlier driving tests as soon as you've rebooked your driving test.

The DVSA allow you to change driving test appointments up to 6 times. If you wish to change your driving test for a 7th time, you must cancel your driving test and rebook the test. Driving Test Cancellations 4 All can change your driving test booking to your perfect driving test date.

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